Kennedi Part Two

Kennedi's session was split into two parts and we recently finished up her session at a field just down the road from our house...called up our neighbors and asked to use it and they were extremely nice and said we could use it anytime! How awesome is that?! Kennedi was hilarious around the horses who really wanted to check her out---after all she is so cute and full of personality, but she wasn't having it! She fussed at them from afar and would not sit for her pictures until they had moved on! :) She had never seen anything quite so large...but was MUCH braver than Mom who wouldn't step foot into the field...LOL! ;)

Had to start with a few classic Kennedi moments...the girl is a trip!

And now my top favs!

Love that little nugget! Her Mom said when they drove up and saw us she said, "There's MONKEYBEAN!" Cuteness.