Sadie 2 1/2 Months Old

We recently met some of the most genuinely nice people ever! We left Sadie's session/family session after receiving hugs from both her Mom and Dad---Lindsay and David. They were so friendly and easy to work with and we know that anyone who is lucky enough to call them "friends" are truly some blessed people.

Sadie is 2 1/2 months old and is a very happy, easy baby to "work" with. She never got fussy and the only thing that was difficult during the session was getting some cute sleeping shots. She literally only slept for about 10 minutes during the 3 hour session! But that is OK because I told her I would win---and I sort of did because I was able to get some sleeping shots...I guess she really won though because she held out in the end. :) Later we met with her parents, grandparents on both sides and a set of great-grandparents (whom we ABSOLUTELY adore now) at Indian Springs for a family session. That sneak peek is coming a little later!

Helping herself to the puffy cheetos blanket:

Does she look like she's plotting something in the next one on the right?

Love...or maybe some smothering from big brother Scooter...

One on the right...quite possibly my very favorite!