Brahm 3 Months Old

Brahm's Mom and Dad came to us from Colt and Brodie's parents and it still remains true, we get awesome new clients from awesome previous clients! Brahm was the easiest little guy to "work" with---and probably wins the MonkeyBean Photos BEST personality award! He was so sweet and was bustin' out smiles and precious looks all over the place. I hope we get to take more photos of this little guy down the road...I've got some ideas with him actually wearing Mom or Dad's firefighter helmets when he's older! :)

How many people does it take to get a picture of a 3 month old sleeping who fights it harder than anyone? This time it took 4! :) Mom and Dad are super lucky though because this little guy stays awake during the day and sleeps at night! Can't beat that!

Next three are my top favs! Look at that sweet face looking at mama!

Erin and Dwayne, thank you for driving all the way from Roswell to have Brahm's pictures made, we hope to see you guys many more times!