The Patton/Brown Family

Later in the day after Sadie's home session, we met up with the Pattons and Browns for a family session at Indian Springs. Never have we had a family that was cool enough to roll up in their very own rock star RV! :)Yep, they are too cool for school--it was even equipped with bbq sandwiches. They are just the sweetest family to hang out with...surely they love us as much----we probably even got added to the Christmas card list! LOL!

I wonder if that's the joke I made for this next picture for the great laughs, because whatever material it was I would love to use it again. :)

It took Sadie a minute, but she got the joke too!

Four generations of sweetness:

Do they let her watch Austin Powers? If it were her pinky finger, she'd totally be bustin' a Dr. Evil!

Shhhh...don't tell anybody, but these next sweeties were our favs!

And my very favorite from the day because it's a happy incidental...I don't call it an accident---because the shutter wasn't pressed by accident! :) But I love that none of it happened on cue---Lindsay and David's Dad are looking over at her parents walking up to the rock and David and his Mom are both looking at the camera...LOVE IT! These types of pictures are always my favorite from a session.

Thanks for a fun evening you guys...let us know whose house we're meeting at for Christmas! ;)