Erin and Ray's Fearless Bride AND Groom Session

Normally these are just called "Fearless Bride" sessions...but we can't leave Ray was FREEZING cold the day of their session and they were both amazing troopers. Seriously, none of us could feel our fingers by the end of the session--but they were still able to laugh and have a great time! At one point the freezing cold wind was so rough that it snatched the veil off of Erin and put it onto Ray...HILARIOUS moment...caught in photos! YAY! :)

We think these sessions are so much fun---it allows the happy Bride and Groom to show a little more personality and have some time for relaxing photos without the stress of a crazed wedding day.

Erin + Ray = Hilariousness + Fun = SUPER fun pictures! How's that for my math skills?!

They have a version of this photo from their engagement session on their fireplace mantel so they asked for another one in their wedding attire!

Is the red so bright that it makes your retinas burn or tingle just a little bit? It's a present from me to awesome red! :)

It's beautiful AND tasty...

but don't feed it to the horses! lol!

On these next two we were going for an American Gothic pose and had already tried previously in the field--but it never fails when you ask Erin to put on her serious face, you get the best laughs and crack-ups...but she can't hold the serious face! She was not going to be defeated this can she do it?

Yes she can!

But just for a second! ;) LOL!