John David 10 Days New

Our very last session of 2009 was perfect...a sweet little newborn nugget! :) John David was born three weeks early and STILL weighed eight lbs nine oz and was twenty-one inches long!! His Mom and I joked that in three more weeks he would have been born as a toddler! :)

He's definitely a BIG boy and so sweet and cute. He barely fussed at me at all during his session and that was only to remind every now and then that I was blocking the warm air coming from the heater I had pointing his way to keep him toasty and sleepy. :) All those cute poses and things he's doing with his arms in these photos---those were his ideas---he's a natural and he certainly liked it better when they were his ideas! :)

Look at that belly...and that was before sucking down a bottle!

This cute pup was one of the first presents given to him.

Mom and Dad are serious Gator fans--so I had fun with the blue and orange!

Two of his mama's blankets when she was little...


PEACE homey and word to ya motha!