Tyler 10 Days New

Little Tyler was born weighing only 5lbs...the tiniest little newbie we've had at MBP.  I've read a lot about how the smallest ones are the fiestiest ones and that really is true.  The chunky monkeys go right to sleep and are so full and fat that they just sleep and sleep...easy stuff.  Tyler put up quite the fight, but I think we got some great ones!

Tyler's mom realized that maybe it was actually a little TOO quiet for him during the session because they had already gotten him used to the t.v. and music at their house---so she suggested we play some music and it worked like a charm.  He wasn't a fan of the mellow stuff---but some Notorious B.I.G. worked perfectly.  First newborn session where it was Hip Hop that soothed the baby and not the warm air or milk.  That rocks!  :)