Welcome to the new website!

A new year, a new look for MonkeyBean Photos! 

We wanted something new and fresh and a website that could stomp the old one into the ground as far as customizations go.  There's still tweaking to be done--designing a new logo (we barely ever had one) and some template design issues I want to fix. 


Just a few quick hints/tips for navigating around the new site----if you go to "search" you can search by people's names, the type of session...pretty much any key word.  I think I might type in "rocks" just to see how many times I said something rocks! :) 

Examples of every type of session we offer (excluding weddings which has its own tab)  can be found under "portrait galleries."  Those pictures can be clicked on to make larger and then an arrow appears for searching through.

Under "weddings" you can scroll through the thumb nails and click on the pictures to enlarge or enlarge even bigger by clicking on them one time after enlarging the thumbnail.

I think that's it for now!  I can't tell you how stoked I am that you are reading this on a fresh, new website!