Susan and Mike Are Engaged / Alpharetta Georgia Photographer

Susan is actually the cousin of the groom in the post below this one...their family and the MonkeyBean family are becoming one!! :)  We had a good time in Perry with Susan and Mike---it was their first time at the National Fair and our first time doing pictures at the fair...first time taking someone's pic on a ferris wheel too!  Fun times!!  I have to admit that taking pictures of someone at the fair was not quite as easy as I thought it would be....the crowd was out of control---people EVERYWHERE--which made it tricky at times to get enough room to take a picture.  Though challenging,  we still thought it was fun and excited for the ones we got!  Thanks Susan and Mike for being such troopers and for being game for anything!

Mike had a FRIED poptart!  Now that's something you only see at the fair...he said it was TASTY!

The next one is for fun and totally cracks me want to see four people laughing like crazy on the ferris wheel...just have Julie on there DEATH GRIPPING the pole like her life depends on it and you can't help but crack up!  Look at those hands...all in my shot---that's why the laughing is happening right here!  We gave her such a hard time esp. since we just went parasailing this summer in the Keys.  BUT, I have to admit I was uneasy too---the dropping of the ferris wheel feels a lot scarier than parasailing.  Parasailing was so much smoother and easier---surprisingly so.  MonkeyBean...not the bravest photographers in all the land...but we got the shot!