Jessica, Richard and Caleb / Locust Grove Maternity Photographer

Oh my goodness...the pressure....I knew we had to bust out with some serious awesomeness for this session.  Jessica is an awesome fan and supporter of our work!  She owns the Butterfly Barn in Locust Grove which ROCKS and is super cool enough to let us hang samples of our work there and plugs us left and right on her facebook page and to any customer who comes in and asks about photographers.  SO, naturally we wanted to do some really, really special pictures for her! 

I'll be honest, maternity sessions make me the most nervous because I feel like it's the hardest to come up with something super radical for me personally.  So when the ice cream and the bed idea came together, I knew these guys would pull it off in the cutest way!

Thank you for everything you do for us Jessica, we can't say "thank you" enough really!  Hope these are a start!  CAN'T WAIT for the newborn pics!!!


Their fave kind....

Love these sweet moments between Mom and Son!

Here comes the SPRINKLES series....LOVE the expressions of both of them in these when Caleb stuck his entire hand in the sprinkles container!