Landon 2 Months / Woodstock Georgia Baby Photographer

Little Landon I think might be the earliest bird we've had yet....this little man was born TEN weeks early and stayed in the hospital for six weeks. :(  At the time of his session he wasn't even supposed to be born yet...but he's doing super! :)  I think he was born to the perfect parents for him too--because they are taking it all in stride and were some of the easiest going newborn parents we've ever had.  They weren't overly fussy or worried about things and just let us get in our groove and work our mojo.  That makes ALL the difference in the world too---to have a calm/chilled out environment around the baby so they will sleep soundly and be just as cool as you!  And talk about EASY...he only took a minute or two to go to sleep and never once did any of the three "p's" on me!!

We are so glad that Landon is doing great and that he was born into such a warm, life-loving family!

His peeps brought this bread bowl and it's been in the family FOREVER!  I love when people bring radical stuff!

Glad his gorgeous parents wanted to be in some pics with him!  Grandpa will be so proud of the pic on the right...I didn't post any Georgia ones because he said he'd throw up, lol!  Since he was really nice...I'll give him that one!! :)

I know it's early for this next one, but never too soon for some merry spirits and he won't be this tiny for this kind of shot much longer!

And if we didn't get any other picture for the entire session...this one would have made it all worth it for me personally.  An ode to Anne Geddes who rocks beyond words...