The Castellanos Family / Jonesboro Georgia Family Photographer

I can't even tell you how excited we were when Sheena contacted us about doing some bartering since she owns a catering service!!  It was like opening the greatest present photos for any type of catered event we wanted?!  HELLO awesomeness!  She and her husband own and operate The Grand Gourmet (click to go to their website) and now that we've had a taste of their food---we can attest to the fact that if you ever need anything catered, this is the place to go!  I figured she'd think I was crazy when I told her what "event" we wanted catered but she thought we were just super cool instead of crazy...that rarely happens, lol! 

It was the perfect girl's night---a few friends who are basically so far beyond friends that you could call them FRAMILY...pjs...and Sheena's tasty food.  Good times indeed.  Even though it was "just" a pj party event----Sheena still went above and beyond with professionalism--the setup was stellar and we are more than ready to do any other pictures they want!  Bartering ROCKS.

This is one fun, stylin' family and we totally enjoyed their session.

Little brother Cruz just turned one year old!  He's such a little cutie-pie!

My camera loved big brother Julian (Jules)!  I could have totally filled up a whole session with just him.


I've never seen a boy rock out a hat like Jules!