Claire 6 Months

Sweet little Claire is back and now she's six months old!  She's still a tiny little nugget with a big personality!  We were excited to see Claire and her peeps back and met up with them at Dauset Trails.  Turns out we just did a few pictures because she actually started to fall asleep! At first she was looking at her Mom, Dad and us like we were crazy when we were trying to get some smiles----then we noticed the eyelids were heavy---so we're doing the second half of her pictures soon! :)

Just in case you need a reminder of who this little lady's Claire at one month old--

Check out the tongue sticking out at us!! :P

I know this next one is the same as the one above but I had to post it because of her expression in it!!  Too cute!

How you know when a session is pretty much done....tell me that isn't precious!!