Emma Grace 9 Months / Perry Georgia Baby Photographer

Emma is back again for her nine month pictures and looking way cute in her adorable Christmas outfits.  I have to say, these might be the cutest baby-girl Christmas outfits I've ever seen!  She wasn't quite as smiley this time for us---not because she was unhappy, but mostly because as a nine-monther she really just wanted to study everything and was too busy checking it all out to worry about giving us those smiles. :) 

We did a few Christmas-y setups and if you know us you know that we like to keep it REALLY simple for those types of backdrops---I'm liking the fact that we found some MonkeyBean red/blue for gift wrapping!!  AND it was a total BONUS that Emma came sporting our colors too---that's just fabulous!

Thought it would be fun to use some new toys I purchased this week....