Jacob and Emma 1 Year Old / Jackson Georgia Baby Photographer

Cousins Jacob and Emma were so cute!  Our first time meeting for pictures could possibly be considered a memorable disaster....poor Jacob didn't feel well and wasn't feeling the picture taking thing AT ALL and was sad anytime Mom wasn't holding him.   Also, we apparently parked in an area at Indian Springs that we weren't supposed to be in, even though there were no signs to inform us of that---and the park rangers felt the need to play their "authority figure" card.  It took three of them and some sirens and horn blowing for them to make their point for whatever reason---so needless to say, none of us will forget that session! :)  Got to give some props to Emma who can teach anyone a good lesson--no matter what happened---she smiled and laughed all the same, such a happy baby!

Our second time meeting to try for more pictures was MUCH more pleasant--we met at Emma's house where the trees are more gorgeous than any park I've ever seen and both kiddos were in great moods!  The session ended with laugher and not sirens going off, lol! ;)

And just because it's too cute----here's how the first go-around ended!