Madden 6 Months / Newnan Baby Photographer

Little Madden came back to us and has grown!  When his parents drove up they had two cars behind them---Madden totally came sportin' an entourage!  In one car were his grandparents and in the other car his GREAT-grandparents!  How cool is that?!  All we needed was a bucket of KFC and we could've had a small family reunion, lol!  They all live in different towns and came along to see him during his session and to go out to eat after. 

I have to admit that we get a little nervous when grandparents come to hang out and usually do not recommend it if we're given the choice---because typically sweet grandmas and grandpas are calling out to the little ones to have them smile and look---but it's not usually right at the camera where mamas want the babies to look....BUT these guys were pros--they knew exactly what to do for Madden to have some great pics and we couldn't have asked for a sweeter group of people to hang out with us on a session.

In fact---they are so sweet that when our neighbors were having a slight crisis---they stayed overtime to help us help them---putting their dinner on further hold.  There's just not a lot of people left in the world that are willing to help perfect strangers---and these guys didn't give it a second thought.  Now that's the kind of people we want for clients!

Now on to the cuteness...

I know I show this pic for each increment---but with a name like MADDEN, an entire family of sport lovin' folks---I have to show this one again to show you his tiny little self with this huge football because of his new trick of holding his own football all by himself!

Now check out his new trick that Dad is all about!  Heard of kiddos born holding a ball?  That's Madden!