Bethany 1 Year / Atlanta Baby Photographer

MonkeyBean's poster child (hee!) is turning one year old!!  We can't even believe that this sweet, baby girl is about to be a year old in a couple of weeks.  That year flew!  Taking pictures for clients and making friends with them is totally awesome and rewarding in itself,  but it's some kind of special to take pictures for dear friends who loved us when we were just Monkey and Bean....before we became MonkeyBean Photos.  After posting about a best friend's nephews and now these guys...all friends who support us 100% and would love us even if we weren't MonkeyBean Photos,  I'm just feeling all Hallmark moment-ish about it tonight! ;)

To add to that sweet Hallmark moment---here she is not that long ago...

Still the most consistently happy baby we've ever loved!

Speaking again of sappy things popping into my head---when I was editing this next picture, a scene from the uber-sappy Beaches movie came to mind where the woman was sick and upset and just wanted to see a picture of her mother's hands and her best friend helped her search though a ton of pictures and they finally found the one she was thinking of....I thought to myself that there might be things about you that you might not like to show in pictures but one day you won't be around and your child/children will cherish every little detail of you in pictures that were made especially in a time that would be forgotten if not for the picture being around.  So moral of story---get pictures made no matter what AND print those pictures!  Do you really think compact discs are going to be around 50 or 60 years from now?!  That's my public service announcement for the year.   You'll never fully feel the impact of having these for personal history until later.

I'm thinking one day Bethany will be so happy to have this picture that shows her mom's hands...I also believe that she'll think to herself that her mom wore some pretty stylish boots! ;)

And what someone might look like when they tire of hearing about your sappy sentiments...