Hunter and Chance / Cleveland Georgia Family Photographer

Hunter and Chance are the nephews of Erica, a best friend of mine since second grade!  Cleveland is a little far away so we met up with them in Athens at the State Botanical Gardens.  Those Athens photogs are some lucky dawgs because the place is seriously gorgeous or "FABULOUS" which was my word for the day! ;)

We had a nice time exploring the gardens and finding one beautiful spot after another.  Also was fun to get lovingly picked on, per usual, when Erica and Julie started letting me have it! ;)  That's when you know you're loved though! 

Hunter and Chance were a blast to hang with and gave us some really good laughs!  Their individual personalities and differences surfaced throughout the session---Hunter with his tough guy poses who if you made just the right face at, would burst out laughing each time and Chance who couldn't wipe a smile off his face if you paid him!

I had to include this series of Hunter because I love how his expression changes into an awesome laugh!

And here's one for kicks-----how MonkeyBean gets it done when there's no stepladder in sight... ;)