Laura and David are engaged! / Jackson Georgia Engagement Photographer

Each time I asked Laura what type of "look" she wanted for her engagement pictures or what type of location she liked---she described them as "COUNTRY" and all about anything "COUNTRY!"  :)  So---I thought of barns, pretty outdoor scenery---anything that someone outdoorsy and in love with country living would love--and that led us to the beautiful Pineola Farms.  Lovely trees with awesome Fall color, the Cotton Barn and grounds full of places to shoot surrounded us.  Good stuff.

Laura and David are tons of fun, go-with-the-flow sort of people.  They were up for anything, and let us choose whichever areas worked best.  David is a total trip and his alter-ego personality BRAD came out during the session....Brad is a rockstar that loves a great photoshoot, lol!  There were certainly no dull moments when Brad was around! Ha!

There were a lot of pretty areas there, but the Ginko tree was definitely my fave!

This next part was fun stuff!  They started out leaf fighting way too nicely though, we had to do some encouraging to really get it going!