Evan 1 Year Old / Jackson Georgia Children's Photographer

This is Evan's mom's first year teaching at my school and our first time taking this little guy's photos.  He's a very laid back dude---never fussed about having his picture made and let me carry him to new spots like we had known each other forever! :)  He wasn't big at smiling at the big black box in front of my face, but we are always totally fine with that as long as the parent is fine and understanding of it and she was.  He's our first fully dressed monkey on the website and we're pretty stoked about those photos that are busting at the seams with cuteness!

One of my faves...

Another fave!

Ok now on to the sock monkey series!  I had to post extra because I love all of these!  Seriously?!  That's a priceless pic right there!

By this point, he was one tired monkey!