Claire 6 Months part 2 / Jackson Georgia Baby Photographer

You might remember from a few posts down that little Claire was super-duper sleepy during the first try for her six month here is part 2.  She was much more awake and full of smiles this time around! :) 

***Here comes a ranting paragraph about Winter*** I'm SO glad that it was an indoor session, because it was yet another nasty day outside....have you heard me say on here yet that I HATE Winter?!  The cold, the wind, the runny noses, the frozen, numb fingertips, the cold, the cold, no leaves on trees, blah days and static that hurts like a you-know-what, and did I mention the cold??!!  Yeah--not a fan of Winter, it's a four-letter word.  Now Fall and Spring---those are some seasons I can show some love for! ;)  

Anyway---it was awesome taking pictures in Claire's house---super warm, Ellen was playing fun games on t.v. and we didn't have to get out Christmas decorations---they were already up for us, lol!! 

Claire has the most adorable nursery, love the colors!