Baleigh 1 Year / Jackson Georgia Children's Photographer

Super sweet, easy to work with clients typically send us super sweet, easy to work with new clients!!  Baleigh's mom Dani is best friends with Rylan's mom Brittany.  We met up with Baleigh, her Mom and Gigi (grandma) at the Whimsical Gardens....this time it was too cold for fire ants and hornets---thank goodness! :) 

Baleigh was giving us smiles and laughs right off!  Of course as the session went on----as most one year olds do--she had her own agenda and the rest of us had ours, so we ticked her off a little bit here and there, but ended up getting some great shots showing off those awesome blue eyes!!

I love that her Christmas outfit went beyond the traditional red and green---and was pink, white and black instead.  So cute!

LOVE me some blue-eyed babies and moms who bring fabulous, funky hats!!