Joey and Brayton / Locust Grove Children's Photographer

We met up with Joey, Brayton and their peeps that are old enough to drive them to photo sessions....aka their parents :)  at Dauset Trails for a CHILLY session!  Thank goodness again for the reptile house that is toasty for some refuge from the cold!

Brayton was the first brother to warm up to me while big brother Joey acted a little bit like I was a scary ogre that he should most definitely not go near....even after offering candy and taking pictures of little brother....BUT I haven't NOT won over a little nugget yet...and wasn't going to let Joey be the first to break that record. ;)  After sitting down, hanging out with him, chasing non-existent dinosaurs that were popping out of my camera and watching some chickens---real ones--not non-existent ones--he was putty in my hands. the end of the session---he was hanging out in my lap letting me change his shirts!!  Ahhhh---I still feel good about my winning over skills....I was sweating it there for a few minutes!  Some people just need a little warm-up time, totally understandable!

Now we are bffs and I'm sure we are going to be watching movies and eating popcorn together on the weekends. ;) 

This next one might not be the greatest pic in the world, but I think it's pretty cute and hilarious!