Khollen 21 Days New

Little Khollen is our second newborn of 2010 woohoooo!  He sure did give us a run for the money too!  There's somethng about a newborn that is 10 days or younger, they are almost always still in the eat/fall right to sleep mode.  But something happens after 10 days and they can eat and eat and stay wide awake--that's exactly what Khollen did.  The conditions were all perfect---he was full and the house was like Valdosta in July.  Plenty warm!!  He just didn't want to miss any action. 

He lasted through big sister and Dad watching Shrek, the family having a McDonald's snack and the first snow falling.  But I told him I could outlast him...and usually I'm fairly confident about that, but it was getting so close to the end that I was starting to worry.  But right when the session was almost over, he passed right out and I got some shots that I know Mom and Dad will feel are worth the efforts!

Here is what Khollen looked like for about three hours straight...

Now the money shots! :)

His hair was perfect and I couldn't help but SPIKE it!