Cutie Coopie turns one!

What a bittersweet time----MonkeyBean's signature baby has grown up! ;)  Not really, but he's now outgrown the time when you get your pictures done every three months and is now a big boy!  It's amazing how time has flown since taking Cooper's first pictures when he was three months old.  The cake smashing was fun but sorta sad too knowing that we won't see him every three months.  Appears he felt the same way---see the unhappy moment he has when he first realizes that he actually doesn't like being covered in sticky, sweet icing. :)

I hope you know Cooper that your wife is going to HAVE to choose us for you wedding pictures and though we may be on oxygen tanks when you have your first baby---that one is sorta our turf too, lol!  Wait...I'm sort of jumping ahead---we'll start with your Senior pictures! ;)


LOVE the serene moment on the left vs the "I'VE GOT A BALL!" face on the right!

And one back from his 9 month session/family Christmas card pictures.  This one never made it to the blog because they almost used it for their cards, so it was secret.  I love it!