Oh will forever be remembered as the kiddo who made me bust out the craziest sounding animal sounds and most ridiculous faces I could ever make...THANK GOODNESS you were the only one on the other side of the nobody else had to see that! ;) 

Knowlen started the session off as the quickest, most energetic little man we've ever seen...I was pretty certain we'd get about three pictures of his back and throw in the towel...I think his mom Hunter may have been convinced of that as well. :)  But...with some candy (totally OK to take candy from strangers as long as mom and dad are right there, lol) that took a ride in his tractor and a lot of off the wall animal sounds--along with promises to see some animals, we somehow won the affections of little Knowlen and he was gracious enough to stop here and there for a picture. WHEW.  Every now and then to be really nice to the weird lady making faces, he'd even bust out with a laugh or smile.  Now that is one cool kid in my book!

Because Knowlen did love to do his own thing, I feel like we got some shots that are my very favorites of all time...I LOVE when you can just let them be themselves and get some awesome-ness of just that!

A VERY fav:

Two of my very favorite images of all time coming up next! LOVEEEE!

"Knowlen, you're so cool that "TELL IT!" called me to see when your pictures would be up!  What do you think about that?"