Valentine Minis Part 2 Thea, Taylie, Cailyn, Katie, Cameron and Jordan

Finished up editing Valentine Sessions....brain is still floating in a sea of red and pink!  So glad that Valentine's Day has colors that ROCK together! I BIG PUFFY heart Valentine's Day---there's something about the colors, the cupcakes, making the paper hearts, the smell of too much sugar, construction paper and's my favorite faux holiday! ;)  You want to really experience an insane time---teach little kiddos with all that sugar and love in the air, you'll go home dizzy as well. 

First up, Thea and Taylie----boy did we have a better time hanging out somewhere other than a reptile house for photos this time!  Though I do think Thea was a little disappointed about no alligators and turtles at first---she perked up when she found out candy would be involved!  It was a blast playing with these ladies once again.

Next is Jordan who is best buddies with Rylan From V-day Mini post 1.  He was a champ and would stop and let me get a shot every now and then before he was off exploring something new.  Whenever he wanted to explore for too long, all Mom had to do was tell him what we needed him to do and he would do it...I've never seen a 16 month old listen that well to his mama! His favorite was the lollipop and DON'T worry---he was well supervised!

Cailyn, Cameron and Katie are the children of a good buddy of ours and we knew we'd have some fun with this crazy clan! They are always up for anything and after having fun with the little kiddos, it was fun trying some different ideas with these seasoned pros!

If the hearts had been placed further down---this photo would have an entirely different feel to it, lol!



I love this next series!