Eston 17 Days New

Another newborn?!  HOLLA!  Seriously I want to sing-- OOPS, WE DID IT AGAIN!  :)  It's so much fun it almost shouldn't be allowed. :)  Eston brought a serious entourage with him--he brought his Mom, big sister Emalee (3 yrs old) and his Gigi.  After Emalee had some pics with baby brother she had a nice time watching princess movies and eating a little PB&J on the sofa.  He got to have plenty of snack breaks himself, so it was only fair that his people brought some treats of their own!  You get to have some cool relaxation time at a MonkeyBean newborn session! :)  I'm fairly certain Emalee didn't want to leave!

Eston was very good to us and behaved very nicely---we'd totally hang out with the little man again, even if he does go down as the number one pooper and pee-er of all time! ;)  Comes with the territory and we're more surprised when it DOESN'T happen.

Eston's grandmother bought this next outfit for him!  I love his Sharpei wringles in this one!