Sadie At Nine Months

Sweet Sadie is nine months old!  We were just talking about how crazy fast all these babies are growing up.  Seems like just yesterday Sadie was just 3 months old and pretty soon we'll be doing her 1 year pictures.  WOW.

Usually Sadie brings Mom and Dad with her to her sessions---but Dad was out of town so her "Honey" (grandma) came with Mom instead.  I'm pretty sure she may have had to have an adult beverage after leaving the session with all we put her through.  Sitting babies on top of things, putting them inside of things---grandmas tend to get a little nervous.  But Honey trusts us and let us do our thing anyway! :) 

While taking Sadie's pictures I didn't notice that there's sort of a theme going on---then while editing I realized she's growing up---starting to drive, travel places and do her laundry all on her own, lol.

We love us some sweet Sadie and all of her peeps too!  They are so good to us!


I get this excited about fresh towels too Sadie, especially when I don't have to fold them!