Addison 11 Days New

A GIRL!!!  MonkeyBean has seen FIVE newborn boys in a row and no girls...until now! :)  Don't get me wrong, the boys have been so super cute---but I've been dying to bust out some pink-ness and frilly hats!  The coolest part is that Addison's mama brought two awesome hats of her own as well--so you know I was stoked.

Addison has the sweetest parents.  I know I say it all the time---but we really have some of the sweetest clients I could ever imagine.  I hope that no mean people ever expect us to take pictures for them, because we are now used to NICE people and enjoy interacting with all of them that entrust us with taking pictures of their sweet babies----the new ones and not so new ones. :)  Really though---if you think of how often you have to put up with mean, rude people...there's just no time for that when there's all these nice people to hang with!

Anyway---that was a tangent---sorry.  Addison's parents also went to Valdosta State and I've concluded that all of us who went there are nice.  ;) That's my hypothesis and I'm sticking to it.  From the first email Nicole sent me, I could tell she was a considerate, easy to be around person and her husband David is just the same. 

Addison is their first baby and I think she is breaking them in really, really well.  Those sweet people are so tired.  They were told by the hospital that Addison is a sassy diva and it was reconfirmed during her photo session.  She is definitely one sassy little lady.  To date, she is the one I had to work the hardest for.  BUT, I think she is completely worth it and know her parents do to!

A pillow from her room...speaking of pink---when Mom, Dad and baby arrived---they brought in more pink items in pink bags I've seen in a while! :)  Too sweet.