Bethany 3 Months

It was so so difficult to narrow Bethany's pictures down for the site.  Seriously, every single time I shot a new picture, she had a new adorable expression on her face.  We think she just might be the most charming, out of this world cute baby ever...I can say this---this time because she is...and well she does call us Aunt Melissa and Aunt Julie and loves to talk and smile for us.   So maybe we're a little biased?!  She doesn't exactly say it yet---Mom and Dad do that for her, but she digs us and we are certainly enamoured by her.  What a personality!  One minute she was saying with her fists that she was going to deck me and the next she was laughing about it all.  I LOVE this kid.

I had to refrain more than once from telling her that she is so stinkin' adorable that I wanted to eat her face!  Seems like that might would have scared her off, when really I only mean well by it! :)

Here we have what you would call a MONEY SHOT!

Don't even get me started on those lips and eyes!

I call these "Mama Said Knock You Out..."

At the end of the session we had a sad monkey for a minute...after a conversation about how monkeys shouldn't be sad, everything was better.

Love and Hugs to you sweetness! :)