Check Out Our Buns!

The title...I know, but I just couldn't help it!  How often can you say that really?!  :)  Here they are in all their fuzzy glory---the 2010 MonkeyBean Photos bunnies!  Sound the trumpets!  We are doing our best this first week before the first bunny sessions to teach the buns how to behave properly when in the prescence of humans and their far, not too bad!  We call the little one "Trouble" because she is.  She explores way more than we'd like.  And since we don't officially know if SHE is a she or not...I dubbed her a she because she is trouble and sassy.  Mr. Brown I call a HE because he's a little more mellowed and chilled out. :)  I think there's going to be two very, very tired photographers after these next two weekends!

For those of you who are on the second weekend of bunny sessions...if we happen to show up with a small dog instead of two bunnies---no worries, it will have the cutest bunny headband on ever. ;)  Surely nobody will be able to tell the difference. 

Bunnies and small children.  Small children and bunnies...will we make it?  Will the bunnies make it?  Will the children leave happy with their MonkeyBean experience?  Will a freak tsunami, hurricane, earthquake, snow storm, or hoard of locusts occur?  Do locusts even occur in hoards maybe swarms?  Will we have 15 MORE bunnies added to the crew before we are done?  To be continued...