Alex Class of 2010

Alex and his parents tried out the whole faux background type of senior pics and just weren't feelin' they came all the way from Peachtree City to have a session with us!  We were stoked that they'd travel this way to get pictures from us and that they brought their three furry babies too!  :) 

You never know what to expect from teenage guys during a photo session----because usually they are only doing it because their parents want them to which makes it a little more difficult to get smiles and real (fun) expressions from them---but Alex is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.  He's just a real down to Earth kinda guy who loves pretty much anything outdoors---he does it all----fishing and hunting, kayaking, etc... which makes Montana State seem like an obvious, perfect choice in college for him.  He's totally going to be right at home there!

Thank you guys for coming way over here for a session and for making it fun.  Thanks to Alex's Mom for being so clever that she brought a squeaker along for Striker, Pepper, and Daisy too! 

Bet you could've guessed that this guy is Striker!!

It's amazing the genuine laughs that I can get when I say "OK give me your serious face..."  Love it!  Works like a charm!

I love the fact that Daisy steps in front like the photos were all about her!