Ryder 3 Weeks New

Baby Ryder was born 3 weeks ago which happened to be 3 weeks before his due date!  He was a tiny little man,  but had some long little legs.  The only thing I couldn't get him to do really was bend them for me!  Aside from him telling me "no" on the leg bending---this session was pure perfection.  He was SOOOOO good to us.  It was so easy, it was scary! :)  We always go into these sessions with grand plans of things we'd love to do and usually aim pretty high and things go well enough most of the time that we get half of those things accomplished.

With Ryder though, it didn't even take an hour to get most of our shots!  He was even kind enough to let me know when he was going to do number 1---he'd whine just a little bit and after the first time it happened, we knew what it meant....and he didn't even poop on anything---not even once! :)  When they sleep like a champ like he did, it's so much easier to get lots and lots of great shots!  I'm so stoked about presenting the images from this session!

Bean sanded the stump....so no scratchiness on sweet baby skin! :)  I'm in love with these images!

Leverett from work made this mushroom stool for us and OH! MY! GOSH!  I am in love with it too.  She does amazing work!!

The cutest little armpit wrinkles....armpits are never cute once you're out of diapers....but these are so great!

A blanket from his grandma: