Conner and Bethany hang with the bunnies

Our Grant Park Easter minis got VERY rained out.  And, we didn't have any more openings before Easter for bunnies---but our good friend Sarah brought her good friend Shelly down with her son Conner to meet the bunnies and to get some post Easter bunny pics!  :)  Also, the EVER SO CUTE Bethany met the bunnies too--she was way less thrilled to meet them than Conner though. ;)

I personally am WAY over the bunnies (and they happen to be way over me too) so I had more fun with the non-bunny pics!  Sarah had the cool idea to play with dandelions in our yard that looks like we're filming Where The Wild Things Are 2....and the greens from all the weeds photographed fabulously. hee! :)  Orange is my favorite color, but green is by far my favorite one for pictures!  I can work some magic with greens!

Conner happens to be the most intelligent five year old I've ever met and probably the most polite as well....this next series starts out with him telling me a joke (to make him laugh!).  His was "What do you call a witch on the beach?"  "A SANDWITCH."  hee! 

So I have to try and remember a knock knock joke...what's the first one to come to my mind?  You know the one where you keep saying banana over and over and then finally you say "orange you glad I didn't say banana?!"  Well I did that one....and he gave me a great laugh----and then politely told me that he was pretty sure I was supposed to say banana four times not three!  HA!! He was right!!  Outsmarted and out knocked-knocked by a five year old!!  Dang, dude!

Adorable much?!

Look at that scrunched up nose and tongue!! Who taught her that one?!