Becky's Maternity

We LOVE meeting new clients as sweet as Becky, Benji and Baxter!!  We walked into their house and it was as though they had known us forever----really can you beat that?!  A "job" where people are excited to see you every. single. time.  and act as though you are long lost BFF's?!  I love it, I love every single minute of it.  YOU KNOW I fell in love with Baxter instantly...I mean look at that face!  He's freakin' hilarious too---they always say Boxers are clowns and that is true with each one I've met---but Baxter is by far the funniest guy.  He did some stuff on this photo session that had us rolling! Just ask Mom and Dad!  ;)

You've probably guessed already that the teeny tiny belly that looks more like Becky ate a few hamburgers instead of a whole person actually living in there like most pregnant bellies----will also be a "B" name as well---the newest addition will be baby girl Blakely and we SOOOO cannot wait to get our hands on her!

These guys are a fun loving family and so fun to be around, we had a blast!  I'm thinking that I need to meet up with Becky again later for fun and snap some shots of her actually looking pregnant!!

Crackin' me up!  Love these with their first baby!