Kaleb And Chloe With Bunnies

Kaleb and Chloe were the last kiddos to hang out with the bunnies before going to their nice, new home!  They are living it up with a new family that adores them and thanks to all our kiddos that played with them during mini sessions----their new family was pleasantly surprised that they can be held and loved on so easily.

Kaleb and Chloe's Mom graduated High School with me, Class of '96!  Holla!  I don't believe we've seen each other since graduation, but she and her family live in Macon now and they drove up this way for a mini session.

Kaleb was a hard one to crack at first---I tried my best at silly jokes and even after the punchline he'd just stare at me like I was loco....but after a while I got some laughs from him!  I think Mom and Dad are going to have to start collecting sticks now to beat away the girls that are going to be knocking down their door to be Kaleb's girlfriend because he is a seriously gorgeous boy!  Chloe wanted one of those sessions where we chase the little nugget around doing their own thing for pictures more than a sit down and look interested in this bunny type of session but in the end we got some great ones of the little cutie!