The Williamson Family

"Love the bag, love the shoes, love everything..."  Know what that's from?!  :)  Love the family, love the location, love everything!  Stacie is the Mom of a former student of mine and a current one as well....and those students happen to be some of my ALL time faves!  Greyson is now in 7th grade and was in second grade my first year teaching...he's always been one of the most fun students---makes you laugh and can sing some Black Eyed Peas songs like it's nobody's business!  We used to jam out to Big Girls Don't Cry back in the day!  Gracie is a sweet little nugget that is now in 3rd grade and has always been one of the easiest students to teach year to year! 

This is a family that I've loved since I've met them and I've called Stacie FERGIE FERG since I first met her...seriously---doesn't she resemble her?!

We had a blast returning to this location for pics and just having fun with this family---Stacie talks just like any of the rest of us cool folks that grew up in the 80's and 90's....and throws out some "dorkfish" comments and "you're killin' me!" all over the place....Gracie laughs and Greyson makes faces---you wouldn't be able to handle much more fun!

I call this CLASSIC!

It was fun asking these guys for their serious faces because they looked really ticked off and it made for some cool pics!  Would you want to get that look from your mama?!  I'd know I was in some TROUBLE if I got that look!

Quite possibly THE greatest picture on MonkeyBean!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  Trips me out!

Stick Around For Their pretty much kicks ace!  Something's going a little haywire with the sharpness of this video....will fix that up later--for now it's bed time!