April~~ Bringin' Sexy Back! Woo!

Let me just go ahead and add a little disclaimer---because some folks get their knickers in a bind real quickly over things at times....this sneak peek contains SKIN....not a lot---if you can look at a Victoria's Secret catalog and not feel uneasy, then you're OK with this post!  :)  Really it doesn't show anything that you wouldn't see at the beach.  I just don't want folks getting mad at me, we try to be family friendly here at MBP. :) 

This was a first for MonkeyBean....well not completely---we did do sexified Firefighter pictures for Nick--those still get talked about--just so you know! ;)  But this was our first "boudoir" type session for a sexy lady!  We HATE the word "boudoir" just seems so weird or something----so we're calling our sessions of this type BRINGIN' SEXY BACK!  HOLLA!  No, "holla" isn't part of the name, but I really like to type it and say it in my head when I do....so HOLLA!

April and her hubby Jamie were about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary (we shot that wedding, had a blast---tsunami and all) and she wanted to put together a little scrapbook of pictures as a present for him.  She got herself all sexified and here's the end result.  This is a perfect session for you to give as a gift to your significant other---whether you're newly engaged, newly married, or just because!  The outdoor pics were my favs because it barely looks like Jackson GA!  Love the pink wall too though!

Also as a special addition--April added plenty of things that Jamie loves for his hobbies---you can't get much better than a personalized gift of this nature---she said he LOVED them!

Enough of the description---check out April Bringin' Sexy Back! 

Check out the video for some more hotness!