Taylie J. turns ONE!

First we got to hang out at Taylie's birthday party at Little Shop Of Stories--cutest bookstore around---and snap some candid pics----her Mom traded us an elliptical machine for some pics! :)  We love us some trades! 

Then it was time for Taylie's cake smashing and one year old portraits.  Cake smashing has proven to be very interesting every time...not sure what it is, but every kiddo that's done a cake smashing session is happy for about 30 seconds and then DONE.  Really.  Done.  I'm thinking we need to offer cake smashing classes where we get kiddos sticky and dirty for increased increments of time so that they're OK with it for their pictures. :) 

After a quick bath she felt great and was ready to read to her friends and play in bubbles.  It was fun times with the little cutie!


See....it starts off all fine and dandy:

And then turns to this:  lol


Don't need to keep neglecting my animoto account---so here's a little something for Taylie's Mom!