Austin, Preston and Graci (Monkeys Jumping On The Bed)/McDonough Children's Photographer

Austin's mom, Cara is a photographer in McDonough who came to us wanting a Monkeys Jumping On The Bed Session for her son, niece and nephew to surprise her mom for Mother's Day!  Our super nice next door neighbors let us use their gorgeous pecan orchard for the pictures and I think the green is so yummy you could eat it with a spoon.  Just sayin' :)  I promise my favorite color is orange---but MAN green is too awesome in photos. :) 

These guys were super fun and they bounced all over that bed like little monkeys!  The giant lollipops were pretty much the messiest we've ever gotten kiddos on one of our sessions, but they cleaned right up.  I heard that grandma LOVED the pics and that always makes us happy---when the client/recipient of pictures is happy!


Preston and Graci:

How do you know when a session is pretty much over? LOL!