Dutch 7 Days New / Monticello Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

How could you not love a newborn session where Mom brings MONKEY props with her?!  Seriously...this kid was born to be photographed by MonkeyBean!!  No, monkeys are not our favorite furry animals on the planet----the name Monkey became my (Melissa's) nickname because I like to cut lose and act crazy like a monkey and it just goes together--Melissa Monkey.  Julie became Bean because of jellybean turning into Julie Bean...and MonkeyBean Photos was born.  :)  No weirdo fascination with monkeys....or beans for that matter. ;)

Real life monkeys aren't the cutest things really----but monkey STUFF sure is adorable---just check out Dutch's monkey stuffed animal and his sock hat that Mom brought....which by the way, if she gets tired of, I know some photographers that would totally take it off her hands---cough, cough, wink, wink. ;)

Dutch now holds the CHAMPIONSHIP record for peeing and pooping on every single person, every single thing...you name it---it got sprayed.  :)  Hey, everybody needs to hold a record for something and what other kind of record could you possibly hold at 7 days old?!  Don't give him a hard time about it, that's just what happens when you hang out naked and are eating a bunch.

We pretty much thought it was the funniest thing ever---especially when he pooped on his mom---so I took him away and was holding him while she got cleaned up---then he decided to poop some more---and it totally dripped into the holes of my crocs....then a few minutes later he projectile vomited on his mom---I mean this poor woman had been pooped, peed, AND puked on!  So I give his parents the award for being the most patient, toughest clients we've ever seen.  They were real troopers and I hope every single one of these images makes it all worth it!  :)

Quite possibly my fave:  Such a sweet face!!

Funny that we used Coke crates but gave Mom a Pepsi while here! :)  MonkeyBean is a supporter of both Coke and Pepsi products! ;)  Cherry Coke trumps all though.

Mom and Dad brought this rocking horse they had handmade for Dutch!  It's a seriously nice one...it's so awesome to think of Dutch's kiddos using this one day!  No safety alerts----there were "spotters" on both sides of the horse!