Barrett 2 Years / Jackson Georgia Children's Photographer

Barrett's back and he's already 2 years old!  Barrett's Mom had seen some pics done before with a kiddo and goldfish and really wanted to give it a try!  After her Mom went from one store to another searching for goldfish, then got a non-friendly lesson from Petsmart about how goldfish actually don't go in goldfish bowls---three lovely goldfish were finally obtained for the session.  I'm REALLY glad she didn't bring up to the Petsmart folks what the fish were for----if they had a problem with goldfish being in goldfish bowls, I'd hate to think what comments they'd have about a two year old "fishing" for them in said bowl.  ;)

BUT no fish were harmed in this session----we're big time pet advocates here at MBP.  Mom has assured me that these guys are actually still living and swimming around as I type this.  Barrett had a blast with the fish and it was so funny to see his different reactions and expressions.  The fish, the colors, his Sesame Street buds---are all part of his birthday party theme!  You might say he's a BIG Elmo fan!  :)

I know people are going to ask or wonder why we didn't do a shot of him looking at the camera through the goldfish bowl---tried it and his face was distorted.  But I wanted you to know that we did try! :) Has to be a certain type bowl for that one.

  My fave: