Tucker 12 Days New

Another boy!!  I feel so sorry for any girls that are being born right now...because as they grow up they will have no guys to date!!  Seriously---we've only taken pictures of two newborn girls this year and many, many boys!  :)  But we are fine with that---we don't care what gender they are, they all are sooooo cute and fun to take pics of!

Tucker is 12 days new here and in between a poop and pee here and there, he slept like a champ.  He was a typical newborn little dude, just needing a little bit of food to knock him back out once he woke up. :)  Though I have caught poop in my hands before, Tucker gets the award for being the first to pee on me so much that I felt like I had done it myself and not him!!  All part of the fun!

We are extremely excited about being able to showcase our first vintage baby carriage for this session!  We've been looking for one for an entire year, so when we found it, we knew it was THE ONE and drove to Loganville to get it.  It was love at first sight...it had me at "hello."  Yes, all of those good things!

OK,  no more talking, here is Tucker and all his newborn greatness!

He's whistling and dancing to a little tune here!

With big brother Ryker:

I'm so glad I don't have to choose a favorite from this session...waaaayyyy too difficult!