Ryker 2 Years Old / Covington Georgia Children's Photographer

Ryker is little Tucker's big brother who is about to be two years old!  He LOVES trains, so Heritage Park was the perfect spot for his session.  He had a blast NOT CLIMBING on the train that has a sign that reads "No Climbing."  cough, cough....He techincally didn't climb on it, it was more like he was placed there. ;) Hey--whatever it takes for a great shot to make happy parents, right?

We had to pull out the bribery big guns on this session---Ryker is way too sophisticated for Smartie bribes---but a Blow Pop bribe did just the trick---I will show you the money shot picture below where Julie held a Blow Pop right above the camera for the biggest smile ever...amazing how it works every time.  At the end of the session we had a fun time with Ryker and his Mom on the nifty see-saws there at the park---if you haven't tried those yet, you're missing out!

Here's the Blow Pop smile!

My fave I think: