Brady 1 Month / Locust Grove Newborn Photographer

Brady was such a good little man to us!  He didn't fuss, he didn't poop or pee all over the place AND once he checked things out for a little bit, went right to sleep and stayed that way!  Very easy baby.  And soooo cute!  Mom and Dad's crew is now complete with Brady being their fourth...and they are split evenly---two girls and now two boys.  His older brother waited through two girls for him to come along to have someone to do manly things with!  But right now, since he can't throw a baseball or football---the girls are having a pretty fun time with their living doll. :)

Not an accurate representation of his weight by any means....and the first time a newborn has ever plugged his ears on us.  Hear no evil!

His belly button looks like a perfect smiley!  Ps. At midnight, "belly button" looks and sounds so hilarious!!

Too hard to pick a fave...maybe this one?  Or the very first one of him in the red egg basket...not sure.

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