Claire 1 Month

What is it about girls being sassy even at one month?!  :)  We haven't had many newborn girls come through the studio this year and each one that we have seen, has been the sassiest little nugget.  The boys---put up a fight for a few minutes, then sleep like logs.  The ladies don't want to be bothered. :)

I think Claire was really starting to worry poor Mom and Dad.  We knew we could outlast her, just didn't know how long that might take.  We were able to get lots of chat time/hang out time in while waiting for her to give in and rest and found out all her details.  Claire is a precious gift to her parents who didn't even get to bring their sweet baby home right away.  She was born four weeks early and had to be hooked up to all the scary tubes and machines for eleven days!  (I think I am remembering all the details correctly).   So she has being the firstborn AND all that scary stuff on her side as she grows up----you know she's already got them wrapped!! ;)

We didn't move her through too many set-ups because of popping those little eyes open anytime we thought about moving her, but I think we still got plenty of sweet shots for Mom and Dad.

My fave I think!

Maybe this one is my fave....

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