Wyatt 1 Year / Covington Georgia Baby Photographer

This was our very first time meeting Mr. Wyatt and his parents and our very first cake smashing outdoors!  There were a lot of bugs, but it was still great!  Wyatt looked like a little man who would DESTROY a cake, but he was kind to it....just a little taste of icing and he was DONE.  :)

I'll bet that Mom and Dad will be very surprised at home many SMILING shots we're posting and that's because he was a very serious dude during his session!  But, MonkeyBean likes to rock it out and surprise people every now and then---and indeed got some super happy moments captured!

Mom's only request was the little coupe car because Dad loves cars....hope you guys love these!

I cracked up when he gave me this look!

This was his mom's chair when she was little:

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