Brody 3 Weeks / Locust Grove Georgia Newborn Photographer

Brody's Mom won a contest on our facebook fanpage a while back for half off any session and brought little Brody in for his newborn pics this past weekend.  They brought along with them two older brothers and Dad who had fun hanging out watching Robots and part of Shrek 2! :)  It's funny how many people have hung out on our sofa recently that we basically just met! :) 

Part of the fun of this "job" is meeting all sorts of new people, each with a different story to tell and our clients are always so nice.  The most AWESOME, rockin' part HAS to be all the babies we get to play with and pose in cute, radical ways!

Brody man was not feeling the need to sleep, he'd already gotten all his sleeping out the day before!  He was awake way more than he was asleep, but he never fussed! 

A little greenbean in a bowl!  Newest use for an Old Navy tank top.

My fave!

Ten comments from Brody's friends/family will get him a free 8x10.  Our friends and family can comment too for fun! ;)