Charlotte Turned One and Madison Turned Six! / Kennesaw Georgia Children's Photographer

Little Charlotte just turned one!  She had an awesome cake smashing session--I think we FINALLY had one to really get into the cake!  She was scooping some major handfuls of icing into her mouth! :)  The cake wasn't completely demolished so Mom was able to take it home for big Sis Madison to finish it off.

We've seen Charlotte since she was 6 months old and Madison was five years.  We have always thought of Charlotte as the most serious little chick we know---and VERY independent!  We learned on this session that she was actually born on INDEPENDENCE Day---so no wonder!  :)  Possibly because it's always such a challenge to get Charlotte to crack some laughs for us, I'm always super stoked to see what we can get from her.  Never really realized how rewarding a small challenge could be---but Charlotte and Madison both have given us some of my very favorite photographic moments.  And those eyes that you probably thought I've been photoshopping the heck out of all this time---no way---that's all them!  

This next one is how you know you've probably had your fill of cake and icing! 

LOVE the next one of Madison!

Big puffy heart!

The video from their first six months spent with MonkeyBean!